August 18, 2016
New CD Interchange praised by

"The real gem of this recording is the Janáček sonata, a work of intense anger and passion that requires both performers to dive into its depths and remain there throughout, pulling listeners into a sound world in which the composer seems to keep trying harder and harder to get through to listeners – to the point that the music often sounds overwrought. Musicians who can deal with this work’s intensity without letting it get out of control produce performances that have a visceral impact on the audience, and that is just what Kwok and Yang manage here. There is a bluntness to this music, an insistence that people (performers and hearers alike) pay close attention to it – it is not an easy work to play or, often, to listen to, but with a fine reading such as this one, it is well worth the effort to make the music’s acquaintance." 

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June 2, 2016


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